A Pair Of Eyes In A Blind World

Hey~ I'm Monica. 19. New York. Single. College sophomore. Tattoos. Weightlifter. Lover of thoughts.

Instagram: @theblindvisionary

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The Great Wall Of Snapbacks

Anonymous asked: Because it's complicated, and you wouldn't be down anyway. We're going in different directions

Sorry to hear that. Let me make it somewhat uncomplicated: I’m not going in ANY direction, I’m just going. We may be going towards the same destination, but we just might be taking different routes to get there without knowing it.

Anonymous asked: I really wish I could, but I can't

Haha okay, at least tell me why you can’t then? That’s fair.

Anonymous asked: Oh but you do though

no way. Prove it

Anonymous asked: I want to pin you up against a wall and make you moan my name

too bad I don’t know your name then

one day
don’t bite your thumb, bite me